Convenience • Attention • Simple To Grasp are missing in most MLM / Direct Sales home businesses consultants and why 90% of them fail”


My name is Steve Finlayson, CEO of a digital marketing business and avid supporter of the MLM industry.  My wife and I have been involved with several MLM’s over the years and always knew there needed to be a simpler way to recruit consultants and customers.  Digital marketing and the ability to Think Different enabled us to create a marketing program that embraces the (3) keys to success Convenience • Attention • Simple To Grasp.

When a NVP & (2) RVP’s of a international MLM decided to block & ignore us for thinking differently because “That’s Not The Way We Do It” speech, we decided to leave that MLM in search of a more marketing friendly group.   The group we joined allowed us to create the video below which lead to 27 people joining within the first 45 days.

It took another year to create a marketing program that generates qualified customer leads for the group and it works!  So please do the following 3 things.

  2. Speak With Your Sponsor or Upline About The Information In This Video
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