How To Win The MLM

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Making money is the #1 reason why people join a MLM / Direct Sales home business and a smart business structure is equally important.   It’s NOT about joining a team or selling products (both are important), but if your upline is NOT building your business (initially) for you then maybe you’re on the wrong team.  Joining the wrong team that DOES NOT have YOUR best interests in mind – only theirs, is setting yourself up for failure!

The 3 step Business Structure
If you want to WIN the MLM business game, you’ll need to understand what makes a good business and why people join it.

1. Connect Personally with your sponsor or someone in your upline
2. Quality products at a fair price
3. Solid business plan which includes marketing and structure

Every new person is SOLD into the business because of one or more of the 3 step business structure and every person who QUITS is because they find a flaw in one or more of the 3 step business structure.  The key to your success in a MLM business relies on your upline or sponsor and how they apply the 3 Step Business Structure.

Let’s be honest, almost every home based direct sales companies are pretty much the same, employing many of the same tactics, similar products with similar compensations.  What’s different is exposed in the following video showing how your home business sponsors should build your business..